All MIT Sloan MBA students must take at least one course designated as fulfilling the leadership elective requirement. ​​For full course descriptions, please visit the MIT Sloan Course Catalog.

Fall 2019
15.269 Leadership Stories: Literature, Ethics, and Authority
15.318 Discovering Your Leadership Signature
15.321 Improvisational Leadership: In the Moment Leadership Skills
15.671 U-Lab: Transforming Business, Society, and Self
15.674 Leading Creative Teams
15.941 Leadership in Real Estate

IAP 2020 (projected)
15.309 Leadership Lessons Learned from the Military
15.339 Distributed Leadership Workshop

Spring 2020 (projected)
15.270 Ethical Practice (H2)
15.281 Advanced Managerial Communication
15.282 EnActing Leadership: Shakespeare and Performance
15.304 Being Effective: Power and Influence
15.320 Strategic Organizational Design (not offered AY19-20)
15.321 Improvisational Leadership: In the Moment Leadership Skills
15.324 Practical Leadership
15.394 Entrepreneurial Founding and Teams
15.661 Building Successful Careers and Organizations
15.S03 SSIM: Leading the Way: Individual and Organizational Perspectives on Advancing
Equity and Inclusion

*Eligible courses are subject to change between semesters.
*Special seminar course numbers (15.Sxx) may be assigned to different courses in different semesters.