For full course descriptions, please visit the MIT Sloan Course Catalog.

MBA Program Core Courses:

  • Communication for Leaders
  • Organizational Processes

Leaders for Global Operations (LGO Program) Core courses:

  • Building and Leading Effective Teams “The Universe Within”
  • Organizational Leadership and Change
  • Leading from the Middle of the Organization
  • Fall ELECTIVE: Leadership and Ethics

Sloan Fellows Core Courses: 

  • Leadership and Teams Lab
  • Seminar in Leadership
  • Seminar in Leadership II
  • Fall ELECTIVE: Strategic Leadership Communication
  • Spring ELECTIVE: Choice Points: Readings on the Exercise of Power & Responsibility

EMBA Core Courses: 

  • Leadership and Integrative Management
  • Organizational Processes
  • Leading Organizations
  • Power, Influence, and Negotiation
  • Global Organizations Lab (Go-Lab)
  • Leading Complex Organizations (Leading with Impact)
  • ELECTIVE: Discovering Your Leadership Signature

Elective Courses (open to MBAs, Sloan Fellows, and other MIT students)

  • Leading the Way: Individual and Organizational Perspectives on Advancing Equity and Inclusion
  • Leadership Stories:  Literature, Ethics and Authority
  • Ethical Practice:  Leading Through Professionalism, Social Responsibility, and System Design
  • Advanced Leadership Communications
  • EnActing Leadership: Shakespeare and Performance
  • Being Effective: Power And Influence
  • Leadership Lessons Learned from the Military
  • Discovering your Leadership Signature
  • Strategic Organizational Design
  • Improvisational Leadership:  In the Moment Leadership Skills
  • Practical Leadership
  • Developing Leadership Capabilities
  • Dilemmas In Founding New Ventures
  • Building Successful Careers and Organizations
  • U-Lab: Leading Profound Innovation for Sustainability
  • Leading Creative Teams
  • Leadership in Real Estate

Other Leadership Related Courses (open to MBAs and Sloan Fellows)

  • Power and Negotiation
  • Product Design & Development
  • Managing in Adversity
  • Corporations at the Crossroads: The CEO Perspective