At the MIT Leadership Center, we are deeply committed to leadership development.  In partnership with MIT Sloan’s degree programs (MBA, MFin, MBAn, EMBA, and Sloan Fellows) we work to ensure that leadership is embedded in the curriculum and part of the overall MIT Sloan experience.  In addition, we seek to empower students to discover and develop their unique leadership styles, cultivate a more robust leadership toolkit, and actually put their skills into practice through specialized programing and partnerships with student groups and initiatives.

Beyond curriculum, the MIT Leadership Center offers specialized programing to help students develop and hone their leadership skill set. During orientation leadership themes are tied closely to the mission of the school, especially to principled leadership. Activities and programs like an outdoor experiential team activity held off campus at the Warren Center begin to introduce students to team and group dynamics.

Other programs like MIT Sloan’s multi-rater feedback tool and insightful 360-feedback report, the Peer to Peer (P2P) Program which allows second-year MBA students, Sloan Fellows, and EMBAs to serve as Coaches for first year students, and optional leadership workshops all help maximize a student’s experience while at Sloan and provide the foundation for ongoing development and growth for personal effectiveness and careers development.