With its unique access to world-class faculty and their research, coupled with the inherent connection to MIT’s culture of innovation, the Leadership Center serves as a virtual hub that enables the MIT community to both expand the conversation about leadership AND engage in effective leadership development. Here you will find a variety of ways to participate in that conversation and/or engage in personal leadership development whether it be through student programs, leadership events, online tools & resources, or executive education workshops as brought to you by the MIT Leadership Center and others across the Institute.

Courses & Programs

We are deeply committed to leadership development.  Through the Sloan curriculum and programs designed specifically for students, we seek to empower students to discover and develop their unique leadership styles and to cultivate a more robust leadership toolkit, and actually put it into practice.

Leadership Course Offerings

Leadership Development Tools

Beyond curriculum, events, and programs we also offer free and open tools to evaluate your own leadership capabilities. These tools have each been designed based on research from our Leadership Faculty  and utilized regularly at MIT’s Sloan School of Management and MIT Executive Education.

More Tools & Resources


The MIT Leadership Center hosts and cosponsors a number of conferences and events for the MIT community focused on expanding the conversation about leadership. One such event, the Innovative Leadership Series (iLead), brings high-profile, innovative, edgy leaders to MIT Sloan to discuss leadership challenges and tactics.

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Executive Education

Many of our Leadership Faculty teach in MIT Sloan’s Executive Education program. Their courses focus on a wide array of topics from more traditional leadership themes like leadership strategy to more edgy topics like disrupting innovation.

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