The MIT Leadership Center invites incoming students (those admitted to one of MIT Sloan’s degree programs) to participate in the 360 Leadership Development and Coaching Program. As a participant in this program, students take part in The Four Capabilities Leadership Assessment 360 review process, participate in a 2 hour session on Registration Day in September, and have the opportunity for two sessions of one-on-one coaching in the first several weeks of the term.

One of the greatest sources of derailment for leaders is poor self-awareness, accompanied by poor understanding of how actions and attitudes are perceived by those around them. MIT Sloan’s multi-rater feedback tool and insightful 360 feedback report combined with one-on-one coaching helps students maximize their experience at MIT Sloan and provides the foundation for ongoing development and growth that will help in career development as well as personal effectiveness.

Program Overview

What is the purpose of the 360?
The 360 will provide you with information from a variety of individuals, including yourself, on your effectiveness as a leader. Through the feedback provided in your 360, you will gain information about your strengths and development needs. The 360 report will be a catalyst for setting some specific development goals that you would like to work on during your time at MIT Sloan and well into the future. Working with a coach, you will structure a plan and pinpoint relevant strategies to help you achieve your goals.

Who completes the 360?
You will ask people with whom you work closely (or have worked) to provide you with feedback by serving as a rater for you. Typically, this includes your manager, peers, subordinates/direct reports, customers and/or clients. You also rate yourself. Invite raters who can honestly comment on your leadership abilities. If you were in a short-term (summer) position, you might also consider asking people from a previous job.

How and when do I get feedback?
After all of your raters have submitted their feedback, your compilation report will be created. You will receive this report at the workshop that will be held on Fall Registration Day. The feedback is confidential, and you will not know how a specific person rated you except for your manager. This report is intended solely for your benefit and development.

Who sees my feedback?
Only you and your coach will see your report. You will meet individually with your coach to interpret the feedback and begin developing individual development goals. To ensure confidentiality, all of the 360 feedback and data is maintained by an outside, independent consulting firm, LearningBridge.