Self-awareness is an essential component of good leadership. Prioritizing time for personal assessment and external feedback is a critical step in becoming more self-aware.​

x360 Leadership Development Model

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Assessment + Report + Coaching = Starting Place for Leadership Development at Sloan​

What is the x360 Program?

Utilizing cutting edge leadership research from Sloan faculty and experts around the world, participants in the x360 Program complete the x360 Leadership Development survey. The survey includes observer feedback and a personal assessment of leadership capabilities. Observers can be managers, peers, direct reports, and other individuals who will provide honest feedback about a student’s leadership capabilities.

The personal assessment and observer feedback are then compiled into a comprehensive individualized x360 Leadership Development report. In a one-on-one coaching session within the first few weeks of the fall semester, students review the report and begin to set leadership development goals. This coaching session is designed to serve as an excellent foundational building block for both self-awareness and critical leadership development that can be done at Sloan.

PLEASE NOTE: The MIT Leadership Center offers MBAs, MFins and MSMS students this “opt-in” program, ideally, over the summer before entering Sloan. A smaller number of second-year MBA students also have an opportunity to participate.

The x360 Leadership Development tool is built into the incoming Sloan Fellows, EMBA and LGO summer experiences.

Program Timeline

for First-Year MBA (Class of 2021) and MFin Students

Deadline to sign-up for x360 Program: July 26, 2019
Enter observers into the system deadline August 9, 2019
Observers complete survey deadline August 28, 2019
Student receive personalized reports (via email) August 30, 2019
Attend (*required*) 360 Program lunch workshop September 3 or 6, 2019 (offered multiple times)
​Meet for a 90-min one-on-one coaching session to review x360 report and set leadership development learning goals September 9 – October 31, 2019

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I participate in the x360 Program?

The x360 assessment provides you with insights gathered from a variety of individuals (including yourself) on their perceptions of your leadership capabilities. Through the feedback provided in your x360 assessment, you will gain information about your strengths and possible development opportunities. The x360 Leadership Development report is meant to serve as a catalyst for setting specific development goals on which to focus during your time at MIT Sloan and well into the future. Working with a coach, you will structure a plan and pinpoint relevant strategies to help achieve your goals.

Some of the most successful students have been those who were able – even prior to arrival on campus – to focus their intended goals for the two years of the program. Stating their goals up front allowed those individuals to stay on track about how best to spend their time. The x360 Program is a fantastic opportunity to begin to set your goals and work with a member of the Sloan community to achieve them. ​

How much time will the x360 Program require of me or my observers?

Signing up for the x360 Program takes minutes. Considering who to include as observers may take some thought but shouldn’t take more than a few days to decide. It is recommended to ask observers in person or at least send them an email to let them know you would like them to participate in the x360 Program.

Completing the survey shouldn’t take more than 20 minutes and happens over the summer before you arrive on campus.

During first week of classes, you will be required to attend a lunch session to learn about the x360 assessment tool and next steps. And between early September and the end of October you will schedule a 90-minute meeting with your assigned coach to review your individualized report and begin to set leadership development goals. ​

Who completes the x360 survey?

The x360 Leadership Development survey is an online, multi-observer assessment instrument developed by xLEAD, based on research by Deborah Ancona (the Seley Distinguished Professor of Management, a Professor of Organization Studies, and the Founder of the MIT Leadership Center at the MIT Sloan School of Management) and other academics. The x360 survey is administered by LearningBridge, an independent web-based survey provider.

As a participant, you ask observers for feedback about your leadership capabilities. You also rate yourself. You delineate observers into categories based on their relationship with you. Categories include “manager”, “peers”, “direct reports”, “customers”, and/or “other.”

Categories are standard throughout the system but you should feel free to use the categories in whatever way makes the most sense given your situation. For example, classmates from your university could be categorized as “Peers” and all the people with whom you worked at a summer internship could be categorized as “Clients”. Info will be grouped in aggregate accordingly. Be sure to remember how you categorize your observers. For anonymity, it is necessary to receive no less than two responses per category (except for “manager”).

Invite observers who can honestly comment on your leadership abilities. If you were in a short-term (summer) position, you might also consider asking people from a previous job. The feedback survey should take no more than 20 minutes to fill out.

Please note:  Your observers will need to be fluent in English to complete the survey!

You may have as few as 5 observers total, but we recommend 8-12.​

How and when do I get feedback?

After all your observers submit feedback and you have completed the self-assessment, your individualized report is created. You receive this report via email. The feedback is confidential, and you will not know how a specific person rated you except for your manager. This report is intended solely for your benefit and leadership development.

Who sees my feedback?
You will meet for a 90-min one-on-one coaching session with a Sloan staff or faculty member who serves as your coach. Only you and your coach will see your report. The coaching session is used to interpret the feedback and to create individual development goals. To ensure confidentiality, all the feedback and data is maintained by an outside, independent consulting firm, LearningBridge.​​​