MIT is driven by a culture of collaborators and doers focused on achieving meaningful impact. For these individuals impact is not simply defined by influencing others; instead, it’s about the process of solving edgy, hard problems, and using creative intelligence to get results. Explore this section to see profiles of MIT Leaders in Action, to watch the MIT Leadership Center Video Series, and to read blogs exemplifying and exploring MIT’s unique brand of leadership.


Innovative individuals from across MIT regularly take action to solve some of the world’s most challenging issues. Whether it is through establishing distinctive access to learning, understanding economic impacts, or contributing to groundbreaking technologies, these people dare to change the landscape and build a new tomorrow.

MLC Video Series

The MIT Leadership Center has documented conversations with many influential leaders from around MIT and across the world. Faculty Director, Deborah Ancona, and Executive Director, Hal Gregersen, have interviewed dozens of leaders about their personal leadership journeys and the lessons they have learned along the way.

MLC Blog Series

The conversation about leaders and leadership is a dynamic one. As new global challenges arise, the business landscape continually shifts, and the tools available become more advanced, innovative leaders and different types of leadership models are necessary. The MLC blog series functions as a discussion platform for the MIT community to comment on shifting trends.