​​​The MIT Leadership Center is excited to organize the Peer to Peer (P2P) Program which allows second-year MBA students, Sloan Fellows, and EMBAs to serve as Coaches for first-year Sloan graduate students (MBAs, MFins and MSMS students) and undergraduates. These coaching relationships provide opportunities for individuals (coachees) to define and work through critical leadership development goals and for coaches to build an enhanced coaching skill-set.

Peer Coaching helps individuals:

  • Increase self-awareness/self-discovery in their own problem-solving ability
  • Expand their perspectives on the leadership challenges they may be facing
  • Uncover assumptions that may be limiting potential options
  • Explore alternative courses of action
  • Remove obstacles to allow for focus and intentionality

P2P Program Goals:

  1. To provide second-year MBAs, Sloan Fellows, and EMBAs the opportunity to serve as Coaches for first-year grad and undergrad students.
  2. To provide first-year MBA, MSMS, MFin, and undergraduate students with ongoing support in defining leadership goals for their time at Sloan (and beyond).
  3. To create an infrastructure for both parties to continue developing leadership competencies and behaviors.

For more information on the MIT Leadership Center’s Peer-to-Peer Coaching Program, click here.